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Summer 2020

An Interview With Kama Linden

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It Takes all Kinds
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The songs you will hear on "Southern Comfort" were inspired by all of my travels, particularly to Nashville, and the Jersey Shore. All of these songs were written on, or about "the road"...The wonderful people I have met when traveling near and far made me feel at home when I was far away from home.

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Better Late than Never, released 2008, is my own personal race against the clock. It is more than just a collection of songs: it is a personal, concept album of a single woman trying to make it in the world. Before it is too late, before my "Last call" and they write "Here she Lies", my quest is not to find what is "Easier", or merely say I've "Been there, Done that", but I must truly be, well, "Happy (for first time) and find out what I'm "All About"....but....BETTER LATE THAN NEVER....

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