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An Interview With Kama Linden

Kama Linden released a full album that blends genres without a hitch but boasts at strong contemporary pop-rock tonality that becomes quickly addicting complete with loads of outstanding guitar sections, unique lyrical phrasing, and tons of colorful energy.

The "Everything In Good Time" album is powerful and incredibly fun.

The record showcases Linden's ability to write songs in an array of styles and all with a tasteful set of vocals that harmonize and lay out memorable melodies that stick in your head long after songs have ended.

There are anthemic and impactful power ballads that have an Americana backbone, shining with an honest and bright approach that makes you want more each time.

The great thing about this record is that you really don't know exactly what to expect but you know it's going to be good.

The album keeps true to a great pop sensibility and a very textured palette that is composed of vocals, guitars, and even keys and synths.

Songs get cinematic and the instrumentation and rhythms always keep you on your toes.

Some of the record even has a familiar and almost classic rock undertone with twangy guitars and pianos.

There is always something new to offer with each song and its refreshing each and every time.

This is a massive album that spans such a wonderful array of sounds and memories for the artist. It feels like a concept album of sorts as well if listened to from start to finish.

With such a great release, we wanted to have a talk with Kama Linden to find out where this all came from and what may be next for the artist

TSWS: Okay so let's talk about the Everything In Good Time album. This record has a wonderful palette of contemporary pop styles. Where did this album come from?

My heart. My experiences. My story. Everything In Good Time is a dedication to my Nana, who took care of me. She would always say, "Don't Worry. Everything is going to be fine". Every child and parental figure: "What will I be when I grow up"...and then you turn around and you are the parent, and the cycle repeats.

If I'm Wrong: I wrote this while driving on Route 70 near my beaches at the Jersey Shore. It came quick. It is about taking chances and having a life of no regrets.

Belmar Breezes: My paradise. My solace. Where I recharge and enjoy life. I run there. I do Yoga under my favorite tree.

You're On Video: Seeing Eric Garner murdered on cell phone video. George Floyd. The "Karens" on video. There is no hiding from being caught on camera and publically shamed.

Your Love Hurts is about being in a domestically abusive relationship and being unable to escape. Gabby Petito's recent death makes this song even more important.

I'm really Into you...I only felt this way once about a man I met in Australia. If we had more time...I might be writing you from down under.

She's Gone need for escape. And MUSIC!

Searching for Madonna: A tribute to the song "what if G-d were one of us"...people worship technology, and ignore those in need.

Sorry no we can't be friends: Every verse is something from my life.

We Could Be Friends: started out about the psycho who lives below, but then became a politcal song. If I didn't hate you so much...we could be friends.

Make Room For Mama 2020 is a remake, and a better version of my ultimate girl party song!

TSWS: This record feels personal and almost like a concept album. Is this true?

Yes. This album, and Better Late Than Never, are both concept albums. The stories of my life in different times of my life.

Better Late Than never was the single woman's race against time, or running out of time. EIGT is realizing things will happen when they do, and you cannot FORCE them. Learning to relax and Let go.

TSWS: Did you record this on your own? What instruments are you performing on this record?

I drove to Nashville and recorded at MissStux studio, in the same space where I recorded "SOuthern COmfort" but under BETTER ownership. Darla took over when Billy bailed on me, and she hired the best musicians: Tony Toliver (piano/organ), JIm, James Mitchell, who would "get in my head" and read my mind, Timmy Patterson, who also runs the studio and is Darla's husband, bass, and Darla Perlozzi: who not only played the drums, but arranged everything for me! Rodney Ingle was the best engineer I ever had. We tracked all 12 songs (11 really) on day 1, and I sang all the songs on day 2, then Rodney would give me ideas for the harmonies, and I did each one line by line. Then he said Leave, I got this...I let him do his thing, and he sent me the wonderful mixes I have. He also did the mastering.I could not ask for better.

TSWS: Do you think this was something that came from chapters in your life?

See above and YES

TSWS: How does this album connect with your Better Late Than Never record?

See above and YES

TSWS: Can we expect any new music videos coming from you this year?

I have been "filming" the footage for BELMAR BREEZES since last summer. I think I finally got what I wanted, and I am ACTUALLY going to ATTEMPT to edit it myself and drop it into the song. Wish me LUCK.

TSWS: Are you working on anything new even now?

I am in the performing and promoting the %&)_ out of EVERYTHING IN GOOD TIME, but also dabbling and jotting down ideas for whatever will come next. EIGT needs to really get out there, and although I have been busking on every street corner, park and boardwalk that I can in NY and NJ, I finally got on a REAL STAGE with a MIC yesterday. So the promo and performing needs to happen for this album before I can truly throw myself into the next whatever.

TSWS: Did this album come out the way you expected?

Better than

TSWS: Was writing and recording this record a big undertaking for you?

It was easier and better than my past albums. I will for sure go back to Darla's studio, and let her do her thing. She did so right by me. Everyone did! Will you be putting any focus on touring or live shows? Yes. Starting to make my contacts now to see who is having music again.

TSWS: Do you have a band that you rehearse with?

No. The beauty of NASHVILLE is the musicians for hire are better than anywhere, and not expensive, also no major attitude like in NY. Ready to rock. They live to make music. It is in their soul.

TSWS: What sort of things really inspire you to write songs?

Anything and everything. but one line or phrase can start it all. Taking time to "experience" vs just sit and write. That is why my notebooks are illegible. I am sometimes driving when I get an idea...

TSWS: How do you write your songs? Is it lyrics first or guitar chords maybe? How does it work for you?

Only twice have I ever written from chords. I have a 4 octave range, but I write to my voice, then figure out how to play it later. So every song is a new guitar lesson. Words and melody tend to happen simultaneously.

TSWS: What would you like to express to fans of the music?

Just major thanks. Thank you for listening to my stories, stopping when I busk, telling me YOUR every little boy/girl who puts a dollar in my box to the gererous person who slips me a big bill when I wasn't looking...or buying a CD...thank you!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Kama Linden Returns And Gets Countrifiedkamapic2 (81K)

Do you remember MySpace? It used to be “the” social media outlet several years ago and then Facebook moved into the forefront. I discovered quite a few very talented and interesting artists thanks to that site. Kama Linden was one of those artists that I ran across; a beautiful woman with a powerful, yet angelic voice and an infectious personality and attitude. The more I looked into the artist, the more intrigued I became with her. Her 2008 album Better Late Than Never helped to prove that she was no one trick pony; she is an artist of many layers.

Well, Kama is back and is solidifying her versatility in the world of music by going country on her new release Southern Comfort. Now, before you scratch your head and start to wonder why on the world did she go that route, step back for a moment and think about her previous releases. There were country and folky elements apparent throughout Better Late Than never as well as her 2006 album Uninhibited, so is this really that big of a stretch?

Southern Comfort combines all the elements that make Kama great at what she does: catchy songs and infectious melodies, plus her sassy attitude is all over the album. It’s not what one would consider old school country, but more modern country that has that pop feel to it. I think the opening track “Make Room For Mama” sets the tone for what can be expected on the album. This one is a toe tapper and it is sassy and I love that Kama’s personality seems to shine on this one. For the most part, the album is very upbeat and so infectious that you can’t help but to tap your toes.

kamapic1 (5K)There are several standout tracks on here including the title track, which may be somewhat autobiographical with lyrics such as “trade in my Yankee cap for a cowboy hat” and “I want to get back to my music roots”. The track “Jersey Girl” is another track that may be somewhat autobiographical in its content as well. Kama wrote all of the songs on the album, so that fact wouldn’t surprise me at all. Her vocal delivery on these songs, as well as the entire album, is sweet to the ear and so comforting. It’s hard not to fall in love with a voice like that.

Now, I do have to admit that I really like when Kama applies the brakes and slows the tempo down to do a slower, mellow type of song. She definitely delivers this time around with “That Way” as well as “Do What You Gotta Do”. I love the up tempo toe tappers, but there is just something really special about her songs when she changes up like that; her voice is smooth like butter.

Overall, I think this is probably the most solid album that she has delivered to date. Kama seems focused and determined this time around more than ever. She assembled a top notch group of musicians to help record this album and the deliver in a major way. It does have that country twang to it and the fiddle and steel guitar are great instruments to help provide such a flavor. The album definitely packs more substance to it than a good part of what’s on Top 40 radio right now. Do yourself a favor, you need to give this Kama Linden a listen and Southern Comfort would be a great introduction to the world of this super talented artist.

By stuartahamilton May 1, 2013

Southern Comfort

SouthernComfort (29K)We’ve been fans of Ms Linden for quite some time now, having given “Better Late Than Never” and “Uninhibited” the thumbs aloft. We even got a bit hippyish and said it was “pointed, intelligent, literate pop / rock songs, searching for truth in life and love”. Which doesn’t sound like a sentence bandied around by me, but it’s all true. This time around, though, Ms Linden has done gone and went country. Or, in her own words, “The songs you will hear on “Southern Comfort” were inspired by all of my travels, particularly to Nashville, and the Jersey Shore. All of these songs were written on, or about “the road”…The wonderful people I have met when traveling near and far made me feel at home when I was far away from home.” Like I said, done gone country.

kama189 (44K)But don’t go thinking it’s turned all Patsy Cline. No, it’s modern country with folky tinges. Which isn’t a million miles from went before, but with added slide guitar. Which is, officially, A Good Thing. You wouldn’t know it from the opening track, ‘Make Room For Mama’, but once the title track kicks in, it’s a much more comfortable place for fans of country. There are some excellent songs on offer here, with album highlight ‘Lonely With You (I’d Rather Be Lonely)’, ‘Past Tense Man’ and the twangtatic ‘She’s So’ and ‘Jersey Girl’ my favourites as of this minute. It’s a well produced and well played record that her old fans should take to, regardless of the stylistic switch, and one that should bring in some new ones alomg the road.

ragmagsocomfort (171K) "Kama Linden is the embodiment of positive energy." jpdeuce73


KAMA LINDEN - Better Late Than Never: What can I say about Kama Linden that hasn't been said before? Well nothing really as it's all been said before and all that praise is so deserving as 'Better Late Than Never' is a brilliant pop album. Kama's music is so full of energy and passion that it's hard to ignore her music but yet there is more to this artist than catchy musicianship. Just listen to Kama Linden's voice and boy what a treat. This lady has a wicked voice which is very diverse, passionate and what's more it's very sexy sounding too! I love this album so much and it makes me feel good after a bad day at work and I have many bad days too! It's great to come home and just chill to this exciting artist from NYC. For me songs like the title track 'Better Late Than Never', 'Easier', 'Drink', 'Happy Girl' , 'You've Forgotten Me' and 'Last Call' are so special I love them! Not only do you get a great album with some wicked music and vocal delivery I have to say the production is on top form. I also dig the packaging which gives you a little insight to what Kama Linden is all about! 'Better Late Than Never' is one album you have to listen too! It would be sheer criminal to ignore this album! 10/10 - Mohican Records -- Steve

"Thanks for sending the nice with wonderful music. Since we area station with a broad variety in our music the songs upon Kama's new CD have been used in many shows. There is something for each an all upon there. A well written and performed act. Great tunes and great musicians. We sure can recommend"-- Lars G Lindberg MD Radio Siljan, Mora-Sweden

"As an old rocker This cd was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I play several tracks every week on my radio programme If you have any more then please send them. Regards"-- Philip Arnold Radio Fremantle 107.9fm Hamilton Hill Wester Australia

"Good vibe, we play on radio 2 times a week. Good luck" Jorge Medeiros, musicatotal radio, portugal

Better Late Than Never Review by Louis Lamp

“Hi Kama, Loved your album, so did my audience. Love to hear more from you Yours, Paul van Kuik Radio 0162 - Dongen Netherlands

“Great CD, good music, very usuable for our radiostation. Played several times allready and will do that in the future!! Hope it will be the real brake true for you!!” Greetings, Harry Boerman Veluwe FM RTV Apeldoorn, Radio Putten,Radio Ermel Netherlands

“Great CD! I have featured the title track and "If Looks Could Kill" on my show, and will definitely be playing more of the CD as time goes on. A gifted performer. I look forward to more!” Jim Swain, Canada

“this is an excellent disc and is receiving plenty of airplay” David McCrory 2NVR 105.9fm / 2bbb 93.3fm Australia

"There are plenty of strong cuts on this album, with a remix and an outro thrown in for good measure. She has the pop music formula down to a science....Her vocalizations flow with the music, as if it was another instrument in the band....It is really hard to pick the strongest cut on the album because they all hold up real well..." Donnie G, The Rag Mag, NJ

"We have just received two copies of your cd "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER" through Radiodirectx...Now your cd, what a stunning album you have here. It has a certain something about it that just draws the listener in to desire more. I was mesmerized by your very creative way of using different vocal styles to paint a lustrous landscape of sound. Every track is strong and oh so listenable, your arrangements coupled with strong , no that should read veryyyyyyyy strong vocals supported by a wonderful band make this cd an absolute joy to listen to. All l can really say is congratulations. An exceptional cd, one that impressed us all." Peter Merrit, PBS 106-7 FM, Melbourne Australia

"I'm lovin it! Never a truer word in the album title, Better Late Than Never. Tony Wilding, Rugdby Hospital Radio (.org)

"Better Late is an excellent disc, I was very pleased in this cd Kama Linden gives us a lot of quality with a very good compositions, is an album highly recommended for all lovers of good music, congratulations". Josep Palmada, Radio Villafant, Spain

"We love your work! Not only are the song's great but we even got a laugh from the cover.You don't sound like an Angrichik.Looking forward to the next one already. Cheers" George Young Country Club Productions

"Great Album. Fantastic stuff for our Radio Station" Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio

"I've successfully received your album. Thank you very much for sending me it! I'll be glad to broadcast your music in my program. Please, be in touch. All the Best." Serge Kozlovsky (.com)

"Thanks so much for Better Late Than Never. It's great--I like it a lot, and I will be playing the title track on my webcast today. And what a great surprise to see that you mentioned me in the liner notes. Thank you so much--that means a lot to me! I've never been immortalized in that manner till now! And yes, I will definitely write you a kick-ass review--probably end of summer." Mike Lidskin, Sacramento


Kama Linden Celebrates Independence With New Release
The Rag Mag
July 2008, Vol. 5 / 4
by Donnie G.

I first introduced the readers of The Rag to Kama Linden in our October of 2005 issue. At that time, I was extremely impressed with her CD "Uninhibited". You could hear the problems with past relationships in those songs. At that time, I would have guessed she reached her peak, because the material was that good! Now in my possession is her latest release, "Better Late Than Never". Not only do I feel that she topped the last release, her material seems to present her as a stronger person. One can learn from their experiences!

The liner notes on the CD jacket explain that "Better Late Than Never" is "a personal concept album." It is her "own personal race against time." I don't know what she is racing for because you can feel her energy pulsating from the disc while it was spinning in my player. You can still feel some of her pain, but she is dealing with it better.

There are plenty of strong cuts on this album, with a remix and an outro thrown in for good measure. She has the pop music formula down to a science. The title track is a strong piece that contains a moderate dance beat. Her vocalizations flow with the music, as if it was another instrument in the band. This tune, as well as many of the others, is infectious enough to cause you to remember the verses during your normal routine of the day. "Been There, Done That" reminds me more of an '80s dance number, with some of the instrumentation reminding me of the great electronic outfits of that day. "Easier" is just a great song, slowing down the pace of the album. She tells her partner that he's got "more issues than a magazine" and "more drama than a TV scene". At least she stood up for herself! It is really hard to pick the strongest cut on the album because they all hold up real well. Other highlights include "All About" and "Happy Girl", which flow into each other. I love her proclamation: "Don't hate me, 'cause I'm a happy girl". She even adds a little scatting later on the CD. Either way, this is a strong release from a Pop Diva! Just like with her last release, Paul Snook deserves kudos for making Linden's material come to life. Not too many CDs come to me this polished, check it out! To find out how, visit

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