"Great, personal, tasteful album. I really enjoyed interviewing you on Twirl, and visiting with you in Sacramento, back in October. You keep on rockin!"----Mike Lidskin, Twirl Radio, CA

"Fantastic Album. Great stuff for our Radio Station."--- Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio

"I received your cd is very very good and now is in airplay on my radio show"-- Maurizio Benvenuti, Radio Incontro, Italy.

"Very enjoyable... what more can I say!"----Graham Lewis, North Norfolk Radio

"Thanks for an excellent CD."----Lilli, Artsound 92.7 FM, Australia

Kama Linden and Sean Dougherty opened the night with some of freshest acoustic pop this side of Kelly Clarkson and Evenesence (Kama sights both as part of her inspirations). And you know what, it works! Kama's acoustic set was heartfelt, melodic rock that was to me, more reminiscent of Ani Defranco but still cool. The way Kama easily opens up her stories (which are somewhere between a whisper and a scream), is magnetic. Pain and pleasure are woven into songs like "Bitter Lemon," and "Young and Pretty." The way she can phrase a song feels like a gentle kiss or a punch in the face. Either is intoxicating.---Phil Painone, Jersey Beat

"There are some fantastic songs here, Kama has a voice that stands out.... this is a peach of a CD that you really should listen to. We need people like Kama to brighten our lives, so let her in."----Stuart Hamilton, the Rocker

"From the outset, one can see that this is a songstress who is more than willing (and capable) of wearing her heart on her sleeve. With that sultry, foxy voice the listener is immediately drawn into Kama's world of personal relationships. This is high emotion at its best with the voice and musicianship to go with it. Whatever one's gender, I can guarantee that you'll be able to relate to at least one of these 13 numbers. "------Tony Bates, Highlands 100.7FM

“Playful in tone, yet passionate in delivery, UNINHIBITED showcases Linden's trend-right pop-rock style”------John Crumlish, NoHoLa, CA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the instrumentation and vocal prowess displayed on this emotional roller coaster. Linden's vocal range had me visualizing different singers performing her parts..... Young and Pretty is my favorite cut”--Donnie G. the Rag Mag, NJ

If you like high energy 80's women rockers like Pat Benetar and Patty Smyth, you'll enjoy Kama Linden”--Bob Makin, Courier News, NJ

“The songs are sexy, dominating and an answer to every question you had about life and love. Kama seduces her listeners with her silky voice and sets the tracks against a riveting beat, worthy of having you out of your seat to dance to every song. This is one artist you want to watch for. “–Heather Corcoran,

“Kama Linden’s style is soft and feminine. She has a style that is uniquely original. Track 8, Bitter Lemon, demonstrates her originality.”–Monica Younge, Younge Music

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